Super Human

Wesley's Review

Dave Asprey’s latest book is a lot to take in. His previous book, Game Changers, has a lot of science, but this one is all science. It’s much harder to digest and must be read slowly.

I found myself spending more time on Google reading articles than I did in the book itself. Every paragraph seemed to lead me down a rabbit hole of research.

There’s a lot in here that I’m going to experiment with. Some I’m already doing. Some, however, are still a bit extreme for me. I doubt I’ll be pointing lasers at my brain or microdosing nicotine anytime soon. There are, however, a lot of supplements and other weird biohacking techniques I’ll be researching soon.

I enjoyed this book because I’m into biohacking. I do lots of things most people don’t. I’m experimenting with smart drugs. I get IVs often. I try out lots of supplements. I do vibration, sauna, compression, and cryotherapy. I try to fuel my workouts with fats rather than carbs. Most of it started with my obsession with Dave Asprey’s Bulletproof Company. I want to be faster, stronger, smarter, more mobile, and able to go longer. Most of all I want to live longer. If you’re into experimenting on your own body then this book is for you. If you think that all sounds nuts, you should skip this one.

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