The Case Against Reality

Wesley's Review

Humankind is always asking “what’s out there?” With new photos coming in from the James Webb Space Telescope we see new clarity on space beyond our galaxy. To me the photos are nothing short of life changing. I see how small I am and in just the last three weeks I view myself, my actions and my remaining time on Earth much differently.

As life changing a question as “what’s out there” is another question that has been plaguing me since reading Donald Hoffman’s book. That question is “what’s right in front of us?”

Hoffman argues that there is a 0% chance that we perceive real reality. He believes that we evolved to only see part of reality because we don’t need to see the rest of it. He compares our perceptions to a computer display. Or there is a better likelihood you are reading this on a phone. Right now you see a screen with apps. It’s an interface. You don’t see all the chips or the code behind the screen that is actually doing all the work. The chips and code are the reality. Your interface just gives you want you need to work the device.

What we see is just an interface we’ve been given through evolution so that we can have a conscious experience. So what is reality? That’s a bit too much for a short review. So I encourage you to read Hoffman’s book to find out. It may just change your life. 🤯

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