DeFi and the Future of Finance

By Campbell R. Harvey
Image of the cover of DeFi and the Future of Finance by Campbell R. Harvey, Ashwin Ramachandran, and Joey Santoro. Wesley Donehue's book reviews and recommendations.

Crypto is all the rage right now and so many of you are really interested. I know that because I’m getting blown up with a ton of questions from friends, staff, and people following me that I really don’t even know. I too am super interested so I’m spending a lot of my downtime reading books, articles, and white papers, listening to podcasts, watching YouTube videos, and taking courses. I hope I can pass along some of this knowledge to you.

De-Fi, or Decentralized Finance, is an important aspect of crypto and I believe it will be the future of finance. It’s a distributed network, based on the blockchain and controlled by computer code with no central controlling entity. That’s opposed to the current iteration, centralized finance, which is controlled by powerful entities such as governments and banks.

A book review is too short to explain how this works so instead I’ll just recommend you pick up this very short book to fully understand. While the author does a great job I will warn you that he gets very in-depth. Yes, it’s good for beginners, but it’s not one you can just listen to on a run. You need to read this one slowly. If you’re like me you will have to jump back and forth between the book and Google to understand broader financial concepts the author assumes you already know.

Outside of this book, I have one concern about this whole idea. These techies assume this will all happen because of the natural advancement of technology. What they fail to realize is that those with power never want to give up power and that wide adoption of decentralized finance will take much longer than they believe because government regulation will happen. You already see Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen constantly yellen. The crypto community fails to understand politics. They better start playing the game.

Still, I recommend this book to everyone wanting to understand crypto and the future of finance.

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