Josh Robinson | Bursting the D.C. Bubble

🎧🤠Tune in to today’s episode to listen to the political journey of Josh Robinson, the founder of 936 Media, from D.C. to Texas and beyond!

🙏🏼Josh’s Genesis: Josh shares how his work on campaigns began with a conversation on a Sunday at his hometown church, and evolved into a political career.

📌Authenticity in Action: Wesley and Josh delve into the significance of authenticity in political relationships, advocating for a composed and genuine demeanor to attract like-minded individuals.

🩺Nip and Tuck: Josh and Wesley agree on the necessity of preserving candidates’ authenticity in their media and digital endeavors, intervening only to make subtle enhancements.

🏹In It For the Long Haul: Josh shares his approach to sustaining longevity in the political realm without succumbing to burnout, emphasizing the importance of balance and effective prioritization.

🧳Beyond the Beltway: Josh reflects on the advantages and drawbacks of departing from the Washington, D.C. area as a political practitioner.

🏆Uncharted Territory: Josh recounts his most memorable campaign experience, featuring unconventional alliances and groundbreaking achievements in a mayoral race in San Antonio.

Josh Robinson is the founder of 936 Media, a full service multi media company.  Josh grew up in Texas by way of Alabama and worked on his first campaign at the age of 17.  He graduated from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor of Science in Finance and continued working on campaigns across the country including Senator John McCain’s 2008 presidential race.  Josh has held various leadership positions throughout his career including Regional Political Director for the National Republican Congressional Committee, Chief of Staff in the United States House of Representatives and as the Political Director of the Republican Governors Association(RGA).  While at the RGA Josh managed a $55 million political budget and oversaw the largest Independent Expenditure Campaign defending Gov. Scott Walker in the historic 2012 recall election victory.  Since 2012 Josh has served as general consultant and media vendor on a number of successful statewide, congressional and regional campaigns.



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