By Eric Blehm
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Too many fall down and refuse to get back up. Too much self-sabotage and instead of learning from their mistakes they get caught up in the endless cycle – screw up, apologize, promise to do better, screw up, rinse and repeat.

Too many think it’s too late. They’ve become something else and there is no going back. There isn’t even going forward. There is only going deeper. Such is the story of many addicts. You know them. I was raised by them. Perhaps you are them.

This a story of redemption proving that addiction can be broken and that the downward spiral does not have to continue. It’s not easy. Relapse will likely happen. Struggle will definitely happen, every day. But you can do it. You can even become an American hero. Navy SEAL Adam Brown proves it.

Adam Brown was a great kid, student, and athlete. Unfortunately, after high school, he fell in with the wrong crowd, specifically with a garbage girlfriend. He started using drugs and eventually became an all-out crackhead. He lost everything including his family, his health, and nearly his life. He hit rock bottom and after trying repeatedly to break the cycle he leaned on God. Then he joined the Navy to give himself structure. He set a goal of becoming a Navy SEAL. He became one of the baddest sons of bitches this country has produced. He had four fingers blown off. He even lost his dominant eye. Still, he trained, learned how to reshoot, and proved himself enough to go back into active duty with his unit.

I wish I could tell you that this story has a happy ending, but it does not. Adam Brown was killed in Afghanistan protecting his SEAL brothers. He left behind a wife and two children.

Adam Brown is a true American hero. You need to know his story. Read this book.

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