Higher Etiquette

By Lizzie Post

Yes, the Emily Post Institute published a book about weed.

I’m not going to post on social media whether or not I smoke pot. What I’ll say is that I’ve been around pot my entire life. It’s always been prevalent. But never before has it been as prevalent as it today. It seems to be everywhere all the time as it becomes socially acceptable and legal in more states.

Because you’re going to run into pot sometime soon and it will most likely be legalized in some form or fashion in your area within the next few years, like anything, it’s important to understand the social etiquette.

This book was gifted to me by my lovely wife because I’m very passionate about medical marijuana (and she’s very passionate about etiquette). I saw the benefits pot had for my mother’s debilitating back disease with no side effects. Unfortunately she was then prescribed opioids by her doctor which were much easier to get. She eventually became addicted. Then she overdosed and died. Had she continued treating herself with marijuana I believe she would still be alive today.

I will continue to be a loud advocate for medical marijuana. It’s going to be legal in every state at some point. This book will help you be prepared when that happens.

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