Life Force

By Tony Robbins

I think we’re all in the market to live a longer more fulfilling life. But most of us don’t know where to start the journey. If COVID taught us anything though, it’s that focusing on our personal health is essential. If you’re like me and don’t rely on pharmaceutical companies and the government to manage your health, Tony Robbins’ newest book “Life Force” is an excellent jump start to your longevity journey.

Look, I haven’t always been athletic. I still consider myself a middle of the pack, wannabe endurance athlete. But I’ve come a long way. I was raised on microwavable meals and sugary soft drinks. I used to drink too much. I smoked through college and grad school. I have a small frame so I just never paid much attention to managing my weight. And when you’re young that seems to be the metric that most people pay attention to.

Things started to change first with my wife’s fitness journey. She’s the hardest working, most disciplined person I know. I was watching her dive into her fitness journey just as I was getting hit with some hard moments. We lost mom. Then dad. Then Robert. That all showed me the importance of focusing on health. Soon after I found myself in a doctors office hearing about my unusually high blood pressure. Life was taking its toll on me.

I needed motivation and joined a workout group called F3. It totally changed my life. From endurance events and team work outs, to dialing in my diet and growth hacking (my new obsession), the steps I’ve taken are compounding and the results are addictive. My new goal: I’m going to live to 120 and be active all the way up until my death.

If you want to live a longer and more fulfilling life, this book is a great place to start. It’s a great place to begin your course correction. It’s also a great book to learn about new scientific breakthroughs in body hacking. Robbins does a good job combining lessons from many other books I have recommended to you such as Breathe, Sleep and Lifespan.

I do have one big complaint about this book. Robbins is the ultimate salesman and he’s really in your face about it in every chapter. I do not mind the occasional passive pitch, but he’s overt and annoying throughout this entire book. If you can look past all that, then I recommend you pick this up. Do what I did and course correct before it’s too late

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