One Million Followers

By Brendan Kane
Image of the cover of One Million Followers by Brendan Kane. Wesley Donehue's book reviews and recommendations.

Want a million followers?

Look, it doesn’t matter who I talk to – US Senators, major corporations, small businesses, and even individuals trying to build their personal brand – everyone wants digital growth.

More followers.

More emails.

More customers.

More money.

I’ll tell you like I tell all my clients, there is no overnight pathway to a million followers. But there is a formula that is pretty simple to grasp: Storytelling + Paid Advertising = GROWTH

That’s what we do here at Push Digital.

That’s also the premise for One Million Followers by Brendan Kane.

He explains the process of content ideation and creation, paid advertising, and testing. He focuses on the idea that I’ve been preaching for years – when it comes to digital advertising, you have to pay to play. Organic social is dead unless you can come up with that one-in-a-million viral idea. And that’s assuming you’re not going viral for all the wrong reasons.

That’s why he says to focus on the math, or what we at Push call KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Figure out how many dollars it takes to make ten dollars. Test your message, your format and your audience. Eventually you will figure out what works and then double down.

One Million Followers is a good book for beginners. If you don’t have a lot of experience with digital advertising, you can start here. If you’re a more experienced marketer I would skip over this one.

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