Runner’s High

By Josiah Hesse

Do you run? Do you smoke weed? Maybe you should try both at the same time. That’s the simple premise of this book.

Hesse dives deep into the use of weed in all athletics but focuses intensely on the running community with an emphasis on ultra-running. He provides a well-researched analysis of pot culture through history and a political explanation of how weed became a stigma, became illegal, and now is becoming legal across the nation.

I really enjoyed this book but I must warn all my conservative friends here that Hesse is a huge liberal. He appropriately puts a lot of blame on conservatives for the hypocritical ban on weed, especially when compared to the poison being pumped out by pharmaceutical companies, like the one that killed my mother. However, he has a tendency to go a bit overboard in his obvious disdain for Republicans. I cannot blame him for this particular issue.

Still, I really liked this book. I often smelled weed on wooded running trails and even during races. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to get high before a run or race. I have yet to do so because well, I don’t do illegal things. I’m a responsible parent and entrepreneur after all.

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