The Bitcoin Standard

By Saifedean Ammous
Image of the cover of The Bitcoin Standard by Saifedean Ammous. Wesley Donehue's book reviews and recommendations.

In continuing my research into everything crypto I picked this one up because it’s number 1 on Amazon. Whether or not you should read this book is completely dependent upon your journey into the world of finance, economics, and cryptocurrency.


It explains the history of money and what money actually is. In fact, it actually focuses more on the history of money than on cryptocurrency and for that reason alone I think you should read it. Because let’s be honest. You think you know but you don’t because our education system is built to keep us all stupid.

It explains the basics of Bitcoin, why it’s digital currency, and why it’s a good store of value.

It does a great job explaining why you should buy as much Bitcoin as you can.


It author doesn’t believe in the blockchain technology behind Bitcoin. He doesn’t see the bigger picture at all. In fact, he actively attacks anyone who believes in the concept of Web3 and says that blockchain will not be a revolutionary technology. He calls it “an overhyped toy.”

He diminishes the role of Altcoins, including Ethereum. History has already proven him to be wrong. About Altcoins he writes “one has to wonder if their only purpose is to advance the richness of its creators.


At this point, I’m consuming at least two hours of crypto information every day. Something I read two days ago is already old. So yeah, a book written in 2018 on this topic is going to be absolutely ancient. I’m torn on this recommendation. Yes, you should read it to understand money and Bitcoin. You should not read it to understand anything else. In fact, read it up to Chapter 10 and then toss it.

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