Band of Brothers

By Stephen Ambrose

What the hell have we become?

Read this book to learn about when men were men. Then pick up your cell phone, open TikTok, and watch grown-ass men dancing around like 13-year-old girls.

I first watched the HBO miniseries when preparing for the GORUCK Normandy HTL when I had my ass kicked for 50 hours on Utah and Omaha beaches and in the towns in which the paratroopers of the 101st, including Easy Company, landed. I had not read the book until now when it was required in the GORUCK Tribe program. In reading the book I rewatched the miniseries as the episodes corresponded with the book chapters. I could not believe how well the miniseries creators translated the book with damn near exact precision.

It’s hard for me to explain how much I loved this book. While I first took in this story through the lens of history, this time I took it in through the lens of current culture. I compared the strength of America to this weak and pitiful bullshit we’ve become, where masculinity is toxic, it’s okay to burn down a business, and dancing on a burning American flag is cool to stream online.

Let’s just pray that we don’t face evil trying to take over the world anytime soon because I’m not so sure there are a lot of men like those of Easy Company left, and those who do exist are being told they shouldn’t.

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