Built to Sell

By John Warrillow

You can build a practice or you can build a business.

What’s the difference?

A practice is built all around you. When you’re gone the business is gone. The money you make is directly tied to the amount you work.

A business runs without you. If you get hit by a car tomorrow and you’re laid up in the hospital you still make money. You’re not needed.

In my line of work almost all “businesses” are actually practices. They don’t run without their owner. I’m proud to say that I have built a real business that can run without me.

A lot of what I’ve done over the past three years was based on this very short book. A lot of books have had a big impact on my life but if I look at impact per page, this one ranks at #1.

I don’t know if I will ever sell Push Digital. There’s no goal to do so and certainly no plan. The only plan was to build something that isn’t dependent upon me so that I can focus on growth rather than operations. Finally I’ve reached that point.

Yesterday I re-read this book for the umpteenth time to make sure I’m getting everything right. If you are a business owner who really runs a practice and you’re just fine with that then skip this book. But if you’re looking to build a company that can run without you then stop everything you’re dong and get this book today.

I hope your day is full of Positive Vibes.

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