Fans First

By Jesse Cole

The Savannah Bananas are being referred to as the greatest show in baseball, a callback to P.T. Barnum’s The Greatest Show on Earth. That makes sense because the Bananas’ owner, Jesse Cole, always dressed in his yellow tuxedo and top hat, is obsessed with Barnum.

Cole realized that baseball is pretty boring (he’s right) and that people just want to be entertained. So he took a few pages from Barnum’s playbook and created an atmosphere that has sold out every ticket for the past few years.

While you may not want to turn your business into a total circus, there are three big lessons here that every business person should take to heart.

  1. Lead with Positive Vibes. You are your biggest cheerleader. You cannot force positivity on your team but you can build an atmosphere that fuels positivity.
  2. Put your clients first. Make every touch point awesome. Think from the vantage point of the customer rather than the profit margin.
  3. Do everything different. If everyone is going one way, you go the other. Focus on differentiating yourself.

I loved this book and recommend it to every business owner.

Wishing you many Positive Vibes today!

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