Come As You Are

By Emily Nagoski

Ok, this is an uncomfortable topic for many so I’m just going to rip the bandaid off and jump right in. We all have sex. Or at least we want to. I’ve never understood why we are so embarrassed to talk about it.

This book review is for the fellas. Specifically the large number of male friends who are constantly complaining about their sex lives. Those of you who constantly gripe that you never “get sex.”

You see, that’s the problem. You guys are always talking about getting something. You rarely talk about giving something. And I’m not talking about just physically. You don’t think through what your lady is going through mentally, physically and most important, emotionally. You think it’s all about you and your desires. So you fail and then you get drunk and bitch to your friends.

This book is written for women to learn about their bodies, their sex drives and what I found super fascinating, their sex throttles and breaks. However, I found this book to be as applicable to men who want to learn why they’re not having sex. Or for men who just want to satisfy their lady more.

The primary lesson isn’t a simple one. It’s in fact very difficult. Sex isn’t just about the bedroom. The bedroom is the culmination of everything happening in your lives. It’s all one big connected web that either puts the foot on the sex break or the sex throttle. Good luck.

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