Find Your Yellow Tux

By Jesse Cole

After reading his book “Fans First” I picked up Jesse Cole’s second book and was just as pleased. For about six years now I have been touting the virtues of Positive Vibes. I started this because I saw how negative politics was getting and how it impacted my staff. I decided to be an Ambassador of Positive Vibes. I fell short. Really short. But this man, Jesse Cole, is not just the Ambassador, but the King of Positive Vibes.

Every day Cole puts on his yellow tux and top hat and like a superhero he transforms into his alter ego. While I don’t know Cole personally, from the outside looking in, Cole is like Batman. Bruce Wayne is the alter ego. Batman is truly who Bruce Wayne is. Similarly, it seems that the man in the yellow tux is who Cole really is. But unlike the dark vengeance seeking Wayne, Cole’s true persona is happiness with the goal of spreading joy to everyone in his path.

After reading the book, I initially thought that I should put on one of my standout tailored suits and become a different person that is all smiles and spreading love and joy. Then I realized, no, that’s not it at all. I need to truly become that person and let my public appearance highlight who I truly am.

There are many lessons in this book and I recommend it to all my entrepreneur buddies.

Truly wishing you a great day full of Positive Vibes.

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