Die With Zero

By Bill Perkins

I just finished Die With Zero by Bill Perkins for a third time. Rather than writing a new review I’ll just repost my previous one. Pick this book up today.
I’ve read 152 books in the last twenty-one months. Some I put down and have never thought of again. Some changed my daily habits. A few fundamentally blew my mind and changed my life. One of the latter was Die With Zero by Bill Perkins and I haven’t been able to get his words out of my mind in the last month.

The premise is simple – don’t focus on getting rich. Focus on living rich. Don’t accumulate a lot of wealth that you will never use. Don’t be on your death bed with millions of dollars. Use all the resources at your disposal now to have the most fulfilling life possible.

The immediate question is “what about the kids?” Coming from a background of poverty, creating generational wealth for my kids is very appealing. Perkins argues that we should give our children huge experiences when they are young so that we are shaping their minds in different ways. I’m starting to lean that way. It’s said that “travel is the best education” and “travel is one of few things you can spend money on that makes you richer.” So if you spend money showing your kids the world, they will become better educated humans able to build more fulfilling lives for themselves and others.

Harlowe has been to Paris twice, Tennyson once. Both talk about it every day. It has already fundamentally changed their perspectives on the world because they see how big the world is, something I didn’t see until my twenties.

I’ve already reviewed this book for you once. The fact that I’m going back to it today means you really should pick it up.

I hope your day is full of Positive Vibes.

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