Die With Zero

By William Perkins

Ugh! Still about six book reviews behind. I’ve been just so slammed up recently that I have had little time to write. Let me knock this one out real quick because it was quite mind-shifting for me.

It’s probably because I grew up poor, but since I started making income beyond my daily living I mostly store it away like a little squirrel storing away his nuts for the winter. My focus has been on building a nice little nest egg for retirement. Then I started building my personal wealth and my focus shifted to building generational wealth for my children.

This book makes a counterargument. We should be spending more money while we are younger because we will have more flexibility and energy to have fun. The goal of life should be to grow memories and experiences. When you are on your death bed all you have left are memories. Cash means absolutely nothing. I like that, a lot.

Additionally, why save up money for your children when they are most likely going to be older and comfortable by the time you die? Your children may want the money, but they aren’t as likely to actually need the money when they are say, 50 years old. They actually need the money when they are younger. When they are trying to buy a home or start a business.

Cash is a means to an end. It’s not the end itself.

I strongly recommend this book. It has me thinking in a completely different way.

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