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Leaders Must Listen


Do you know what leadership means, Lord Snow? It means that the person in charge gets second guessed by every little t**t with a mouth. But if he starts second guessing himself, that’s the end.

– Alliser Thorne, Game of Thrones

Alliser had a strong point. A leader must not second guess himself. A leader must move with courage and conviction.

But a leader can only do so when his team follows with trust. Leaders are human and as such they are fallible. Theirs is not always the right move.

A leader must surround himself with smart people who are willing to speak up. That’s not being second guessed. That’s receiving good advice.

In turn the leader must truly listen to the counsel of those whom he picked to be in his circle. Let them make their argument. If convinced, a leader should act accordingly. If not, a leader should move forward with his previous plan.

By hearing alternative opinions a leader can be more affirmed in his plan and move more swiftly with conviction he is correct.



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