The Mastery of Love

By Don Miguel Ruiz

I’m continuing my journey through the Toltec teachings of Don Miguel Ruiz. If you found The Four Agreements to be life changing then I suggest you don’t stop there. While the follow up books may not be as life changing as the first, anything that reinforces those lessons while taking you deeper is a great thing.

In this book Ruiz focuses on how to overcome emotional damage, how to love yourself and how to push love out into the world. What can be more important than that? Jesus Christ told us that the second greatest commandment is to love thy neighbor yet, despite 81% of Americans believing in God and most of those are Christians, we continue to divide our communities and our nation with anger and hate.

How simple it is to fix every problem in America yet how difficult it is for each of us to live a life of love. I would like to change myself so that my primary focus is love. To do so I continue to dive deeper into these type books. And frankly, I find myself becoming more spiritual every day through readings, prayer and meditation than I have in decades of church attendance.

If you’re looking for a jolt to your system I recommend diving into Ruiz’s work, starting with The Four Agreements and moving on to this one.

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