The Most Reluctant Convert

By David C. Downing

There’s a big man in the sky who takes you to his happy home when you die. All your family and friends are there too. But you’re only invited if you’re good here on Earth. Honestly, it sounds illogical and like a bunch of hogwash made up by people to keep us from fearing death and to keep us from killing each other. Worst of all we are supposed to accept the story through faith, whatever that is, with no proof at all.

Yes, I’m a doubter. It’s just who I am. I question everything. I want proof behind the argument.

Enter CS Lewis, my favorite author. He is able to present arguments for Christianity based on logic rather than emotion. He helps to erase my doubt while solidly putting me back in the corner of Christianity. He was so good at this because he was himself an atheist at one point.

This isn’t the normal CS Lewis biography. The author comes at Lewis’ life through the lens of transition. How exactly did an atheist become the world’s most famous Christian apologist? Here we find the answers.

I enjoyed this short book a lot. It was what I was looking for during one of my doubting times when I typically pick up Mere Christianity. I definitely recommend it to those looking for something beyond the “just have faith” argument.

PS – doubting is okay. Doubters must reaffirm their beliefs more often and through more research. Doubt prevents us from becoming mentally lazy Christians.

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