Homo Deus

By Yuval Noah Harari

Ehh… I don’t know. Maybe I was just expecting something different from the sequel to Yuval Noah Harari’s hit Sapiens.

Sapiens is a well researched and thoughtful explanation of humanity’s past. Homo Deus is supposed to be the author’s theories on humanity’s future. I was expecting many thoughts on AI, space travel and maybe even the future of globalization. Instead we are mainly presented a treatise on atheism.

Yuval Noah Harari does thoroughly discuss the concept of algorithms and how much of our lives will be dictated by them, perhaps to the point where we will be completely replaced by technology. I wish the book focused on that. Instead he focuses on philosophy and religion, how we are turning from theism to humanism. Really in many ways he believes that humanity has already abandoned theism and we are mostly an atheist planet. I just don’t get it. Statistics plainly show otherwise.

I’m torn on this review. Maybe it’s a really good book. I think you’ll love it if you’re an atheist. It’s just not what I thought it was going to be or what I was looking for. I would skip this one.



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