Inner Engineering

Wesley's Review

There are times when I feel out of sync with the universe or my mind isn’t in a good place. This is when I pick up Inner Engineering: A Yogi’s Guide to Joy. This book will bring you back in sync with the world.

“At present, human beings identify with the body and the mind in a variety of ways, but fundamentally what you call ‘myself’ is just a certain amount of energy. Modern science has proved beyond a doubt that all existence is made of the same energy, manifesting itself in millions of bewildering different ways.”

Everything in this world is the same energy, and it is simply transferred from one thing to another. As we go through our day, we dispense this energy back into the universe.

I can’t say that I believe everything this book states, but the idea of aligning ourselves with the energy of this universe is one that resonated with me.

To hear more about what I think of this book, check out this video.

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