How to Change Your Mind

By Michael Pollan

Let’s talk about tripping mushrooms.

Let me start by stating clearly that I have never done hard drugs. I was surrounded by cocaine, crack and meth for much of my younger life. I’ve never touched them. I’ve never tripped on mushrooms or LSD. I feel like I have to say that for my political and corporate clients before giving this review.

Now that’s out of the way I will say that I have a fascination with psychedelics, although I’ve never used them nor is this post meant to endorse or encourage the use of them. More specifically, I have a fascination with spirituality and other planes of consciousness and existence. I do not find it a coincidence that those who have had psychedelic experiences describe aspects similar to those taught by nearly every major religion. I also wonder if God put certain vegetation and fungi on this planet so that we can have deeper experiences and connections to Him.

Even more so I wonder if, mushrooms specifically, can be used to improve mental health as stated by numerous doctors and researchers. We focus a lot on physical health through natural supplementation. Should we do the same for mental and emotional health? Should we be activating different parts of our brains and jumpstarting neurogenesis and neuroplasticity with natural plants? Why don’t we use every part of our brain and why does psilocybin even naturally exist?

I do not know the answered but here’s what I do believe. There is more to this existence than what we can experience with our senses. There are other spiritual planes of existence. There are ways in which we can tap into those other planes without dying. If you’re a Christian you cannot read the Bible without acknowledging this. Maybe psychedelics are the answer. Maybe not. I just don’t think the questions should be culturally “wrong.”

I won’t be taking psychedelics anytime soon but I also won’t be leaving these questions alone. I’ll continue reading books and watching YouTube videos and maybe when I do not have small children, I’m retired and I can “risk it” I’ll experiment with mushrooms and perhaps ayahuasca (LSD is a no go for me). It will be a good while before that happens.

I really enjoyed this book. If you have similar questions you should read it. It not, skip it.

Side note: if you are a huge Star Trek fan you should consider picking up this book. The entire premise of Star Trek: Discovery is based on mushrooms and the mycelial network. Even a main character, Paul

Staments, is named after the world’s most famous researcher of mushrooms. He’s discussed thoroughly in this book. Star Trek: Discovery is the reason I went down this rabbit hole.

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