Winners Don’t Overplay Their Hand | Phil Bailey

Phil Bailey is one of my dearest friends and the head of our advocacy division at Laurens Group. He’s also our token Democrat ????.  For years Phil and I had a weekly political podcast where we live-streamed (before it was cool) us talking to politicians over drinks in front of a live audience. We made national news a few times. Like when a state Senator decided to call Nikki Haley “a raghead” after a few bourbons and Budweisers. We briefly discuss that story here. 

Phil and I weren’t always good friends. We met on the political battlefield when we went head to head a couple times in Aiken and Edgefield, SC. In this episode of The Cost if Winning Phil tells the story of how he overplayed his hand and accused the current SC Senate Majority Leader of being against the Lord’s Prayer. Smart people learn from their mistakes and Phil is one of the smartest operatives I know. He’s got a lot to teach you. Listen up. 



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